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Harmful Text Detector

Analyze text content to identify inappropriate, offensive, or sensitive language with the Harmful Text Detector app. Use machine learning to reduce toxicity and support healthy dialogue online.

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Harmful Text Detector features

AI-powered analysis

Use AI technology to read and understand text just like a human would, but much faster. It can spot harmful words or sentences, including hidden insults or mean language.

Finds different types of bad language

Whether it's bullying, swear words, or any other kind of mean language, the app can identify it. It's trained to recognize all sorts of harmful text, helping to keep conversations clean and respectful.

Spot and understand easily

The visual aid is comfortable for users, enabling them to quickly find and address the source of negativity or harm without having to sift through large amounts of text.

Save reports

Users can save reports. This is useful for keeping a record of detected harmful content, allowing for better tracking and management of online safety over time.

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